FUE Specialist

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Specialist at MHTA

We are proud to announce that our surgeon, Dr. Diep, is the only FUE specialist for all ethnic hair types including straight and curly hair. You can rest assured your transplant will be done with the best, most natural results by a highly skilled surgeon.

Advantages With FUE Hair Transplants
Follicular Unit Extraction procedure requires no blades or scalpels. At MHTA, we use a special surgical instrument that is designed for the FUE procedure. This instrument allows the doctor to create a circular incision around the hair graft, enabling the extraction of one follicular unit at a time. With FUE, hair restoration is as natural as with the strip procedure. The benefits of the FUE procedure include: very little bleeding, less visible scar formation, and a less painful recovery period for patients. With follicular unit extraction, there is no linear scar so patients have the freedom of having a buzzed or short hair cut without feeling uncomfortable. Patients can also benefit from a more comfortable healing period and daily activities can be resumed in less time. It usually takes about five to seven days for the wound to heal completely compared to two weeks for the traditional strip hair transplant.

Additional Advantages FUE Include:

  • Great option for individuals who like to wear their hair short
  • Useful for individuals with high risk of scar formation in the donor area, especially Asians
  • Beneficial for repairing donor scars that cannot be excised
  • Minimal post-op discomfort
  • No restrictions on vigorous exercise after the procedure
  • An ideal alternative to strip procedure when the scalp is too tight for strip excision
  • Provides the option of maximizing the donor area (but not necessarily the total number of grafts)
  • Allows the harvest of selected fine hair from the scalp to be used at the hairline area or eyebrows
  • Desirable when a limited amount of grafts are needed

The Disadvantages of FUE
The biggest disadvantage of the FUE procedure is that it is time-consuming and may require multiple sessions. Because each follicular unit is extracted one by one, it can take a tremendous amount of time to produce the sufficient amount of hair grafts needed. Patients who need a large amount of hair grafts, more than 2000 follicular units, may require more than one session.

Our doctor is one of the few experienced specialists in the FUE field. Dr. Diep has developed his own tool and technique which provides greater efficiency for follicular unit extraction. Dr. Diep has perfected the MHTA method and has provided patients with amazing hair restoration results.

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