DFC (Diep FUE Curve) Hair Transplant Technique

DFC (Diep FUE Curve) Technique

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is an advanced hair transplant procedure that involves harvesting one hair follicle at a time, leaving tiny dots of scars scattering throughout the back of the head at the donor area.

The FUE procedure is less visible on scar than the FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant or “Strip” method, allowing an individual to wear his/her hair short. FUE hair transplant is the most advanced and least invasive hair transplant technique available.

DFC, better known as the Diep FUE Curve technique, is a form of FUE hair transplant surgery. Through many years of experience in the art of FUE hair surgery, Dr. Diep invented the DFC technique in 2010 and has refined this method to specifically harvest any type of hair, whether straight, wavy or curly as with Black African hair. He also invented his own FUE tool called the “Diep Extractor” to perform these transplant surgeries.

curly afro hairBlack African hair is not only curly, but the roots are curly as well, making it difficult to harvest. The more curved the root is, the more difficult it is to harvest. The hardest root to harvest is helical spring or spiral shape, and hair with longer roots. DFC technique enables Dr. Diep to harvest the curly roots more effectively without compromising the viability of the grafts.

The easiest roots to harvest are short, straight hair roots. The longer the root, the deeper the FUE instrument needs to enter the scalp, leading to a higher chance of inaccuracy and transection. Luckily, Dr. Diep’s DFC technique has greatly reduced these risks.

The ability to adapt and constantly check for the quality of healthy grafts is very important for the success of the FUE method. Through many years of experience, performing thousands of hair surgeries, Dr. Diep has mastered the art of FUE hair transplant on straight and curly hair, making him popular for FUE hair transplant surgery.

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