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Scar Revision with FUE Hair Restoration

Hiding Scars with Corrective Hair Surgery

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Before Corrective Hair Surgery ©2014 MHTA

Do you have large scar from previous hair transplant, burn, or accident? Does the scar in the back of your head bother you? Is the scar too large or too visible to shave your head? Do you want to shave your head close to the 1 level without having the scar visible? 

There are two techniques to reduce the scar visibility. The two techniques are Trichophytic incision and FUE (Follicular Unit of Extraction). The Trichophytic incision involves shaving one edge of the skin down to 0.5 to1 mm. The shaved edge gets tucked underneath the non-shaved edge slightly when suturing the two edges together during wound closure, angling the root slightly to allow hair to grow through the scar, making the scar smaller. However, there will always be an area of no hair on the linear scar. Continue reading