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How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Doctor

Best Men Hair Loss Treatment in San Francisco

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Hair loss can be embarrassing for many men and women, but it does not have to be permanent. Exciting hair restoration and hair transplant options abound, and these cosmetic procedures can be quick (relatively), safe and affordable. The benefits go far beyond the aesthetic and superficial. Hair restoration can pay major dividends and improve self-confidence. When you look good, you feel good. In other words, the “Return on Investment” can be considerable, especially when you examine the indirect benefits. That said, choosing the right surgeon for your hair transplant is the most important step of this process; take this choice seriously! Continue reading

Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

Why San Francisco Women Choose Hairline Surgery

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Many women consider their hair one of the most defining aspects of their appearance. So when hair begins to thin or fall out, it can cause significant distress. Fortunately, hair restoration is possible for many conditions, providing hope to countless women. Continue reading

Men Hair Loss Treatments – Bald Treatment

What San Jose & San Francisco Men Choose for Hair Restoration

What Causes Men’s Hair Loss

bald treatment San Jose San FranciscoFor men, hair loss often represents one of the most dreaded aspects of growing older. In the United States alone, over 50 million men are currently experiencing some degree of hair loss. Whether small patches or large sections of hair are missing, losing one’s hair can cause lowered self-esteem and confidence.

Although the likelihood of developing male pattern hair loss is partially genetic, several additional factors increase men’s risk, including: Continue reading