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The Growing Demand for Eyebrow Enhancements

Eyebrow Enhancements are a Growing Trend in the Bay Area

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The number of people seeking eyebrow enhancements and hair restoration treatments is on the rise, as new technology has helped make these procedures appear strikingly natural. Eyebrows and hair shape the face and give each of us our own, unique look. Eyebrows also help sharpen other features in the face. Continue reading

What’s the Best Hair Transplant Method for Balding Men or Women?

Searching for Hairline Surgery Options in San Francisco?

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If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, you’ve likely spent at least some time researching potential treatment options and comparing them based on cost, results and ease. Any hairline surgery can be a risk, and the wrong method – or the right method poorly applied — could result in unappealing results and long term aesthetic or even medical complications. Before choosing a treatment, you should carefully discuss your options with your medical provider to find an appropriate solution that, at minimum, will do no harm. Continue reading