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African American Women’s Hair Loss and Restoration

San Jose FUE Doctor Discusses Women’s Hair Loss

African American Hair Transplant San Francisco

BEFORE FUE Hair Restoration ©2015 MHTA Clinic

If you’re an African American woman, and you’re researching bald treatment methods to restore hair loss caused by medications or natural hormonal shifts, you need to be careful about what procedures you choose as well as who performs them.
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Hair Transplant Surgery to Hide a Scar

San Francisco Hairline Surgery Expert Explains

Men Hair Loss Treatment San Francisco

Hair Plugs Scar BEFORE Corrective Procedure © 2015 MHTA Clinic

Hair transplant surgery has been a godsend to lots of men and women who want to replace hair lost to age, illness or health issues. Until recently, however, most surgeries resulted in unattractive scarring that was often difficult to hide. Fortunately, all that’s changed, and now hair restoration can be performed without the risk of excessive scarring thanks to a technique called FUE (follicular unit extraction). In some cases, FUE can even be used to hide an existing scar from a previous hair restoration surgery.
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