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The History and Evolution of Hair Transplant Surgery

From Hair Plugs to FUE Hair Transplants

Hair Plugs repaired by FUE Doctor San Jose

BEFORE and AFTER FUE Hair Restoration ©2015 MHTA Clinic

Early hair restoration started in Japan in 1939. Developed for burn injuries, the restoration process involved a punch transplant technique, and it successfully encouraged hair growth in previously hairless areas of the scalp. Thanks to better science and research, the practice became smaller and more focused, with 1-3 hairs per graft and a more seamless result. Continue reading

Top 5 Baldness Myths: What’s True About Hair Loss?

FUE Doctor in San Francisco Debunks Common Hair Loss Myths 

Hair Transplant Bay Area

You hate to admit it, but your insidious hair loss is flustering you. It’s started to affect the overall thickness of your hair or maybe even your overall appearance. Even if you’re not especially concerned for vanity’s sake, you still should take time to consider the possible underlying cause as well as to parse hair loss treatment or treatments that may be right for you.
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