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Temple Thinning Solutions

Solve Temple Thinning With FUE Hairline Surgery

Man Assessing Hairline for FUE Transplant

Male pattern baldness usually progresses in a predictable fashion, beginning with the frontal hairline and worsening over time until only a small band of hair remains on the back of the scalp and sides of the head. Although temple thinning typically occurs in the later stages of hair loss, men’s hair loss treatment can still be effective.

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What You Need to Know Before Getting a Beard Transplant

Your Frequent Questions Answered About Beard Transplants

San Francisco Man with Beard Hair Loss Treatment
It’s no secret that beards have become wildly popular as a fashion statement. The hipster movement, especially in places like the Bay Area, Brooklyn, Seattle, Los Feliz, and Austin, is radically redefining 21st century masculinity. Unfortunately, not every guy can grow a beard on his own – or at least a beard that looks full and aesthetically appealing. In such cases, a beard transplant can be used to give you the attractive, full beard of your dreams. However, before you sign up for this procedure, you need to know a few things about how it works.

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