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5 Common Myths About Hair Transplant Surgery

Myths vs Facts About Hair Restoration Surgery

Thinking about an FUT or FUE hair transplant, but worried by the myths you have heard? Hair transplantation is becoming more evolved and widely-available; our Bay Area hair transplant doctor delves into this topic. Continue reading to learn about the five common myths (and truths) about hair transplantation and hair transplant surgery:

1. Hair restoration is only for men. Both men and women suffer from hair loss, and approximately 40% of all females struggle with the condition. Women may lose their hair due to hormones, pregnancy, or genetics, but hair transplantation can help!

2. Your age determines eligibility. Think you are too old for a hair transplant? Think again; age is not a restriction if you have healthy hair from a donor to transplant. Talk to your doctor if you have prevailing medical issues that could complicate outpatient procedures or surgical treatment, but don’t let age deter you.

3. Hair transplantation helps grow new hair. Hair transplantation does not help you to grow new hair; this procedure reorganizes and moves hair from one area of the head to another. Among male clients, for instance, this often involves removing grafts and follicles to replace around the crown, where male-pattern baldness is most-prevalent.

4. You can cause additional hair loss by shampooing. After the first week of recovery following hair transplantation, your provider will make recommendations that could include abstaining from shampooing. However, after the first week, patients are typically free to wash their hair as often as they like. In fact, it is encouraged to prevent the possibility of infection.

5. The results are immediate. The results of hair transplantation are not immediate and typically can take up to a year to fully-see and appreciate. The first month following your procedure, you may actually notice that some of your transplanted follicles fall out, but don’t worry; be patient!

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Don’t believe everything you hear about hair transplant surgery; visit a FUE doctor in San Francisco to learn more and to determine which method of hair transplantation will work best for you.

Talk to a San Jose Hair Restoration Doctor to Get the Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery and What to Expect Post-Op

If you have been considering hair transplant surgery, what are you waiting for? Speak with a San Francisco hair transplant doctor, Dr. Diep, at MHTA Clinic to uncover the truth instead of the myths about this life-changing procedure. Contact us by phone at (408) 356-8600 or via our online contact form to set up a free and confidential consultation!