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5 Important Tips For Male Hair Transplant Aftercare

San Jose Hair Restoration is a Call Away

If you’re looking for bald treatment in San Jose, you may have heard about a hair restoration surgery. This treatment option has many benefits, from increased confidence, natural-looking hair growth, and minimal maintenance. Here’s how to care for your hair after the surgery, so you know what to expect.

Avoid Washing Your Hair

You’ll be given many instructions after the surgery. You should wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair. When you are given the go-ahead to wash your hair, be gentle. Don’t scrub too hard. Rinse with a cup of water instead of blasting the showerhead on your head.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

While San Jose hair restoration surgery isn’t as invasive as some surgeries, you still need time to heal. Take a couple of days off your normal routine. Avoid heavy exercise or strenuous activities. Reduce your stress to support healing. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks after surgery. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Avoid Sweating

You will want to stay cool after your surgery to avoid sweat. Don’t go outside when it’s hot. Stay away from saunas and avoid exercise to promote healing. If

Keep Your Scalp Clean

Although your hair transplant in San Jose didn’t require large sutures or anesthesia, there are many tiny pinholes in your scalp where bacteria and germs can get in. Don’t touch or scratch your scalp. You should avoid wearing hats or other items that touch the surgery site. Keep your head clean to prevent infections.

Keep the Swelling Down

It’s common for the transplant area to swell after surgery. Take anti-inflammatory medicine as directed by your doctor. An ice pack placed on the area can help reduce swelling. Don’t sleep on your back or stomach. Ideally, sleep with your head elevated, like in a recliner or in a semi-upright position.

Get More Information About Hair Transplants

If you’re thinking about hair loss restoration, make an appointment with Dr. Diep to discuss options. Our office offers cutting-edge technology that is efficient and less invasive than previous methods of hair transplants. You’ll start looking good with natural-looking hair. Our procedures help restore hair loss in both men and women. Contact us here today.