6 Things You Should Know About Men’s Hair Loss

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If you’re curious about men’s hair loss, you’re not alone: It’s quite common for men to wonder about hair loss from time to time. This article goes over some facts to help you learn about the topic.

Men’s Hair Loss Is Common

Male pattern baldness is very common. According to Healthline’s article on the subject, by the time they pass the age of 50, more than half of men will have experienced male pattern baldness.

Hair Loss and Male Pattern Baldness are Two Different Things

As pointed out on Men’s Health, male pattern baldness and hair loss aren’t necessarily caused by the same things. For instance, many people seek San Jose men’s hair loss treatment for seemingly random patches of lost hair. That condition may in fact be alopecia—which can stem from autoimmune factors and other causes—rather than male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness Only Hits the Scalp

Male pattern baldness can be rough on the hair of the scalp, but it spares other areas. For instance, eyebrows and eye lashes will be unaffected.

Hair Loss Speed Varies

Men typically start to lose their hair in their 20s. However, some men go bald in just a few years, while for others, the process of hair loss can take decades.

Hair Loss Isn’t Necessarily Permanent

Hair loss isn’t always permanent; in fact, what seems to be hair loss may actually be hair shedding, which is different. For instance, seasonal shedding may cause an alarming amount of hair to fall out, but this effect is temporary. The same can be true for hair shedding caused by stressful events, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. And even in the case of so-called permanent hair loss, such as that caused by male pattern baldness, a hair transplant doctor may be able to help.

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