African American hair transplant specialist

What to Know About African American Hair Transplants

Hair transplants on individuals of African American descent tend to be more difficult than for other ethnicities due to the curly nature of their hair and root. This is not a problem for a seasoned and experienced surgeon.

The following are some of the main elements to know when it comes to African American hair transplants:

  • Most ethnicities tend to have a common hairline. However, African American’s hair is less predictable, and can high or low hairline.
  • Because of the their hair’s curly nature, angle placement is not as crucial for African Americans as it for other ethnicities whose hair is typically wavy or straight. However, to guarantee natural hair growth, a good surgeon can follow the natural hair angle with some variation in degrees at different areas, thereby giving the patient the ability to comb their hair in any style or direction they deem fit.
  • Those of African American descent tend to have curly hairs and roots that can easily be damaged by conventional tools and techniques. As a result, most reputable surgeons seek to establish their own tools and methods to place in hair grafts using a “screw in” method. This ensures the healthy transplanting of any hair grafts without causing damage to the bulbs.
  • It is less viable to extract curly black hair as opposed to straight hair. This is because there is a higher risk of damaging the hair bulbs, especially when using the FUE technique as opposed to the strip harvesting method.
  • Thick, kinky, black hair tends to have better coverage than straight thin hair. This means that an individual can transplant less hair with good coverage.

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