Scalp Micro Pigmentation Or Tattooing

A Nonsurgical Hair Loss Solution

Scalp micro pigmentation is a process similar to getting a tattoo where ink or pigment is injected into the scalp with multiple dots mimicking or giving the illusion of hair follicles coming out of the scalp. Nonsurgical Hair Loss SolutionSMP works extremely well to give the appearance of greater hair density for patients that have thinning hair and like to wear their hair short. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) does not give a natural appearance if there is no hair present. In other words, SMP is a great solution for those wanting to increase hair density and who have a sufficient amount of hair present.

SMP also works well to reduce scar visibility, especially for those who have undergone previous hair transplant surgeries. However, if the bald head has little or no hair, SMP will look very abnormal and may be easily detected.

Like any tattoo procedure, SMP has its risks such as inducing further hair loss from the trauma of thousands of needle puncture during the tattooing process, pain, possible allergic reaction to the ink, and chance of infection. The color may fade and the ink or pigment may move slightly as the Macrocytes underneath the skin ingest the ink and move around.

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Still, the procedure is a great nonsurgical option for those who don’t want to undergo corrective hair surgery or transplantation. If you have questions about this or any hair restoration procedure, contact the MHTA clinic in San Francisco at (415) 230-2367 or Los Gatos at (408) 356-8600.

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