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What to Expect After Hair Transplant Surgery

Here’s What to Expect After Men’s Hair Loss Treatment in San Francisco

Many people who come to the MHTA Clinic for San Francisco bald treatment are curious about what the post-procedure process looks like. This post serves as a guide that provides information on what to expect following treatment.

The Physical Response

After a hair transplant, which involves the relocation of hair follicles, the areas from which the follicles were moved will exhibit swelling and tenderness plus bruising. These effects are not out of the ordinary and will dissipate over the course of a few days. Patients can use over-the-counter pain medication to counteract any discomfort, which is usually minimal. Procedures that involve skin grafts will result in scabs, which usually shed in a week or so.

The Results

Most people who undergo men’s hair loss treatment in San Francisco  are pleased with the long-term results. However, patients should not be shocked if the transplanted hair initially falls out. As pointed out by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, this is completely normal. Permanent hair will begin to take its place after five to six weeks.

It is common for patients to see the new, permanent hair grow at a rate of one-quarter to one-half of an inch per month, which is roughly the same rate as “original” hair grows.

The Lifestyle Effects

Though treatments like San Jose FUE hair restoration are surgical in nature, the disruption to a patient’s daily life is usually minimal. Most people can return to work two to five days after a hair transplant. However, patients may be advised to avoid contact sports and other high-impact activities for a few weeks, though lower-impact activity is usually fine after a few days.

The Path Forward

To ensure proper results and healthy healing, hair transplant doctors usually conduct several follow-up visits with each patient, especially for the first month post-surgery. At these visits, doctors check on how the patient is doing and provide advice on recovery. Additional treatment or hair growth prescriptions may be recommended as well.

Interested in San Jose FUE Hair Restoration?

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