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Superciliary Madarosis and Hair Restoration for Eyebrows

Before and After Bay Area Eyebrow Enhancements

Options to Improve Thinning or Loss of Eyebrow Hairs

Beginning in your late 30s, you may notice that your eyebrows are getting thinner. This problem, which is known as Superciliary Madarosis, occurs in many people, and it may begin long before your hair turns gray. Fortunately, treatments for this condition do exist, ranging from cosmetic solutions like eyebrow pencils or tattoos, to more permanent solutions like eyebrow enhancements and hair restoration surgery. Below is some basic information about the treatment options available to people who suffer from Superciliary Madarosis.

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New Hair Growth after Hairline Surgery


Any time you undergo a major physical transformation, such as getting a hair transplant, you need to know what to expect throughout the entire process. Knowledge is power, after all. This article will provide a thumbnail sketch of how, when and where you will likely regrow hair after a surgery as well as what to expect, post-op, in general. Continue reading

Women’s Hairstyle Trends for Summer 2015

San Francisco’s FUE Doctor Shares Styling Options

San Franscisco Hair RestorationWhether or not you’ve had a hairline transplant, as a woman you’re no stranger to the different seasonal hair fashions.  Hairstyle color and cut trends are always changing in the Bay Area — long known as a hotbed of forwarding-thinking cultural movements.  If you want a “pick me up” or make a stunning impression at a new school or a new job, tap into these ideas for an exciting way to freshen up your look.

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The History and Evolution of Hair Transplant Surgery

From Hair Plugs to FUE Hair Transplants

Hair Plugs repaired by FUE Doctor San Jose

BEFORE and AFTER FUE Hair Restoration ©2015 MHTA Clinic

Early hair restoration started in Japan in 1939. Developed for burn injuries, the restoration process involved a punch transplant technique, and it successfully encouraged hair growth in previously hairless areas of the scalp. Thanks to better science and research, the practice became smaller and more focused, with 1-3 hairs per graft and a more seamless result. Continue reading

Top 5 Baldness Myths: What’s True About Hair Loss?

FUE Doctor in San Francisco Debunks Common Hair Loss Myths 

Hair Transplant Bay Area

You hate to admit it, but your insidious hair loss is flustering you. It’s started to affect the overall thickness of your hair or maybe even your overall appearance. Even if you’re not especially concerned for vanity’s sake, you still should take time to consider the possible underlying cause as well as to parse hair loss treatment or treatments that may be right for you.
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African American Women’s Hair Loss and Restoration

San Jose FUE Doctor Discusses Women’s Hair Loss

African American Hair Transplant San Francisco

BEFORE FUE Hair Restoration ©2015 MHTA Clinic

If you’re an African American woman, and you’re researching bald treatment methods to restore hair loss caused by medications or natural hormonal shifts, you need to be careful about what procedures you choose as well as who performs them.
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Hair Transplant Surgery to Hide a Scar

San Francisco Hairline Surgery Expert Explains

Men Hair Loss Treatment San Francisco

Hair Plugs Scar BEFORE Corrective Procedure © 2015 MHTA Clinic

Hair transplant surgery has been a godsend to lots of men and women who want to replace hair lost to age, illness or health issues. Until recently, however, most surgeries resulted in unattractive scarring that was often difficult to hide. Fortunately, all that’s changed, and now hair restoration can be performed without the risk of excessive scarring thanks to a technique called FUE (follicular unit extraction). In some cases, FUE can even be used to hide an existing scar from a previous hair restoration surgery.
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Balding Treatments and Remedies

3 Procedures Explained by San Francisco’s Hairline Surgery Expert

Hairline Surgery San Jose

AFTER FUE Hair Transplant ©2015 Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics

Here’s a staggering statistic: over half of all men experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35. Unsurprisingly, the market for hair restoration is both vast and lucrative, since most men want to retain their hair (or as much of it as possible). Countless legitimate and semi-legitimate bald treatment solutions exist, from surgery to basic home remedies. Popular home remedies include thickening shampoos, strategic hair cutting, hair dyes, and cover ups.

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Hair Loss in Women: Am I a Good FUE Candidate?

Common Types of Women’s Hair Loss Reversed with FUE Hair Transplants

Hair Restoration San Francisco

BEFORE FUE Hair Restoration ©2015 MHTA Clinic

Hair transplants can effectively treat hair loss for the vast majority of men (up to 90% of male candidates). However, these types of surgeries generally fail to benefit the majority of women who suffer from hair loss. Men tend to lose their hair in predictable patterns, while women who have hair loss issues may face diverse, uncommon and hormonal-related problems causing the thinning. A small percentage of these women can be candidates for hair transplants or hairline surgery, but only about 2-5% of women will benefit.
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Stress and Men’s Hair Loss: What’s the Connection?

A Bay Area FUE Doctor Explains the Correlation

bald treatment San Jose

BEFORE Hairline Surgery ©2015 MHTA Clinic

Physical and emotional stress can lead to chemical changes that disrupt normal growth patterns. Men’s hair loss treatment is often associated with stressful life situations. While the idea that stressing out will cause you to lose your hair sounds like an exaggerated stereotype, plenty of convincing, emerging science actually supports this point of view. Determining the cause of hair loss can be essential to the success of any treatment program.

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