Male Bald Treatment

Consider Crown and Hairline Restoration Surgery in San Jose or San Francisco

Here’s San Francisco ‘s Dr. Diep’s 5 rules of men’s hair transplants for vertex/crown bald treatment:

Bald Treatment San Francisco

©2014 MHTA – BEFORE Crown/Vertex Restoration with Dr. Diep

  1. Steeper angle than the frontal.
  2. Swirl or “Cow lick” can be restored.
  3. Only larger hair roots which grow 2, 3 or 4 hairs are strategically transplanted for bulk & Volume, greater coverage.
  4. URFUT: Ultra Refined Follicular Unit of Transplant, planting one refined root at a time with less skin to increase density and reduce dimpling.
  5. Random placement for natural appearance.
After- Bald treatment in San Jose

©2014 MHTA – AFTER Crown/Vertex Restoration with Dr. Diep men hair loss treatment San Jose

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