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3 Procedures Explained by San Francisco’s Hairline Surgery Expert

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Here’s a staggering statistic: over half of all men experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35. Unsurprisingly, the market for hair restoration is both vast and lucrative, since most men want to retain their hair (or as much of it as possible). Countless legitimate and semi-legitimate bald treatment solutions exist, from surgery to basic home remedies. Popular home remedies include thickening shampoos, strategic hair cutting, hair dyes, and cover ups.

Other surgical procedures for men’s hair loss treatment include:

  • Flap Procedures. Conducted in three phases, flap procedures require major care in the weeks after surgery. The procedure effectively moves scalp and hair from one location to another. The procedure is highly effective but potentially painful. It’s a realistic, popular solution for bald spots.
  • Scalp Reductions. This procedure involves removing pieces of scalp and stretching the remaining skin to cover the head. This serious surgical option requires the work of a skilled and reputable surgeon specialist. Improper technique during the surgery can lead to scarring and other tissue damage. 
  • Hair Transplants. Today’s procedures, like FUE hair transplants, cause less pain and produce less scarring than older treatments. Surgeons operate by removing small units of hair follicles from a healthy donor and placing them in a person’s bald or thinning area. The method allows for targeted hair growth and high rates of recipient success. MUT, another form of transplant, uses several follicles per graft, and these can appear doll-like (when not well done) once completed. 

Men’s Hair Loss Treatments are closer than you think!

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