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A Deeper Look at Eyebrow Transplants

Thinking About Eyebrow Enhancements?

While they used to be somewhat taboo, attitudes toward eyebrow transplants are shifting: This type of procedure requires a high level of skill, per the NIH, but it is growing in popularity, particularly in the form of follicular unit extraction (FUE) operations. To help you decide if such a procedure is right for you, our Bay Area eyebrow enhancements clinic has put together the following information on the topic.

Why Do People Seek Eyebrow Enhancements?

Not everyone seeks eyebrow enhancements for the same reason, but there are some recurring factors in the decision to do so. Overplucking may thin the eyebrows out over time, and tweezing, threading, and waxing can damage eyebrow follicles. Hormone changes are another cause of thinning eyebrows. Individuals suffering from the condition known as trichotillomania are prone to pulling eyebrow hairs out. Additionally, patients undergoing strenuous medical procedures like chemotherapy may experience eyebrow thinning. And some individuals may simply not be satisfied with their eyebrows’ natural thickness, whether noticeable thinning has occurred or not.

What’s Wrong with Other Thickening Strategies?

While there are some alternatives to eyebrow transplants on the market, they do not function as well as a transplant. Microblading, for instance, involves tattooing the eyebrow area to produce a fuller appearance. However, the results are nowhere near permanent, and a botched procedure may lead to medical complications and necessitate arduous follow-ups.

How Do Eyebrow Enhancements Work?

Our San Jose–area eyebrow enhancements clinic focuses on a particular technique: the aforementioned FUE method. During such a procedure, the practitioner transplants hair from another part of the head or body to the thinning eyebrow(s). If only one eyebrow is thin, then the donor hair can come from the thicker eyebrow; in other cases, the donor hair may come from the back of the head or even from near the upper thighs. You can find more details about the procedure on our Q-and-A page on the subject.

Are The Results Permanent?

The results from a successful FUE procedure are indeed permanent. Results will begin appearing within six months, and after 10 months, the full benefits are typically in place. The new eyebrow hair will grow, shed, and regrow in a natural cycle.

Finding a Top Surgeon in Bay Area Eyebrow Enhancements

As with any medical procedure, finding a skilled practitioner is key. If you’re in the Bay Area, consider turning to Dr. John Diep, one of San Francisco’s eyebrow enhancements experts. For a free consultation with the doctor, contact the MHTA Clinic through our contact form. Alternatively, you can call one of our two offices: Dial (415) 230-2367 to reach us in San Francisco or (408) 356-8600 for our Los Gatos office.