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Here’s What You Need to Know About Beard Hygiene

Wondering if Your Beard is Sanitary?

A well-groomed, hygienic beard can be a marker of polished, mature masculinity. However, an unhygienic one can signal the opposite: immaturity and dirtiness. Luckily, the following tips—drawn from WebMDThe Guardian, and Wingman—can help you keep your beard at its best.

Trimming Is Essential

Trimming is an essential part of beard hygiene—as well as growth. Just as many people seek hairline surgery in San Francisco because of uneven hair on their heads, beard owners often are concerned with patchy areas. Though it may seem like a paradox, trimming your beard from time to time is actually critical to making it grow in evenly. Additionally, though beard length comes down to personal preference, keeping it on the short side may make it harder for germs to establish themselves.

Washing Is Necessary, Too

FUE hair restoration in San Francisco experts will tell you that proper washing is essential for hair to look its best. That applies to beards, too: Beards can pick up dirt and generate oil, but they are also prone to gathering food if not washed regularly. Invest in your choice of beard wash and use it daily. This will cut down on germs and help your beard’s appearance.

Use Beard Oil after Washing

Beard oil is great to apply after you’ve washed and dried your beard. Beard oil moisturizes the skin and keeps hair follicles in good shape. Additionally, beard oil can smell great and provide a cooling, refreshing sensation.

Keep the Right Tools on Hand

Taking care of your beard will be easier if you have the right tools on hand. A brush or comb, scissors, and clippers are a good starting point. Also consider investing in some soft towels for drying your beard in a comfortable way.

Diet Matters

Diet can influence your beard’s health, just like many other aspects of your appearance. While there is no food that has been proven to supercharge beard growth, your beard will thank you if you keep your diet healthy and balanced.

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