Beard Transplant Will Make You More Attractive to Women

Chin Up Buckaroo, Beard Transplant Makes You More Attractive


Like it or not, science shows that appearance plays a profound role in how others perceive your inner characteristics. Historically, men have been judged by the appearance of their hair, and new studies now show that the amount of facial hair also makes a profound difference.
Generally, women prefer men with some facial hair over those who are clean shaven or who have minor stubble. Their specific perceptions depend on the amount of facial hair men wear. Women find:

  • Men with heavy stubble more attractive.
  • Men with full beards to be healthier than those with no facial hair.
  • The more facial hair a man has, the more masculine he is.
  • Men with full beards have better parenting skills.

While some of these beliefs are irrational, scientific analyses show that, on average, women see men through these lenses. For men with no or sparse facial hair, such perceptions can result in low self-esteem.

Beard transplants help men with limited facial hair grow the beards they want and improve their self-confidence. The process is similar to those which doctors use for other types of hair restoration treatments. Transplanted beards grow, look and feel the same as natural beards. The incision sizes are smaller than traditional hair transplants, but the procedure takes longer. The result is a full, natural looking beard that can change how women see you and how you see yourself.

Beard transplants are surgical procedures, and you need a doctor who has extensive experience providing this treatment. FUE doctors have specialized training in relevant hair transplant procedures.

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