Do Fue Hair Transplants Hurt?

Pain and Recovery Time for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

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If you are considering hair loss treatment and restoration surgery, you may have seen some images online that can be concerning. While these online pictures may depict the process with some accuracy, don’t let the startling photos deter you from what is a very common and completely tolerable procedure. Talk with a San Francisco hair transplant doctor to learn more about FUE hair transplant procedures and to alleviate any concerns you may have.

Wondering if FUE hair transplants hurt? Get answers to your questions about men’s hair loss treatment here:

What does the FUE hair restoration process entail? FUE hair transplants, or Follicular Unit Extraction, involve removing individual hair follicles from the donor’s head and transplanting them to the desired area of the recipient’s scalp.

What is it like? Know that FUE is a methodical and labor-intensive surgical procedure. The initial results may appear raw and sore, but your surgeon will assure you that the procedure is not invasive.

Does it hurt? It is common to use local anesthetic to numb your hairline and scalp area. There may be some initial and slight discomfort, but you should only feel numbness during the surgery. If you are still concerned and apprehensive, talk to your surgeon about specific steps to prevent discomfort and make the procedure as painless as possible.

Will there be discomfort after hairline surgery? Your scalp may be tender for approximately one to two weeks following FUE. If you feel pain or prolonged discomfort, talk to your surgeon as soon as possible as there could be an underlying issue or complication.

How is the healing process? Recovery and prognosis for FUE patients is extremely good and much faster than those recovering from FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) procedures. The actual healing process will vary among individuals, though it usually depends on the number of extractions in your FUE procedure. Many hair transplant patients may feel fine after a day or two of down-time.

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