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Do Hair Transplant Cause Damage to Existing Hair Follicles?

Hair transplants are a common treatment for thinning hair or male pattern baldness. Today’s techniques for hair transplantation have evolved to give you a more natural look than ever before. Still, many people put off a hair transplant out of concern that it could damage the hair they have left by damaging the existing hair follicles. If you’re considering hair restoration in San Jose, here are some things that can help put your mind at ease.

How Does a Hair Transplant Affect Your Hair’s Natural Cycle?

Each of the hair strands on your head goes through a cycle in which it grows, transitions, rests, and sheds. As your hair goes through this cycle, you may naturally lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. Men’s hair loss treatment in San Jose may replace hair in areas where it’s thinner, but it doesn’t change your hair’s natural cycle. You may lose your natural hair after a transplant, just because of the nature of your hair.

What Happens During a Hair Transplant Procedure to the Existing Hair?

During hairline surgery in San Jose, a surgeon takes hair follicles from a donor site to implant the follicle into a balding site. In the follicular unit extraction method, hair grafts are extracted one at a time to be transplanted. Experienced surgeons understand hair anatomy and know their craft well and know-how to ensure that the existing hair follicles aren’t damaged when the follicle is removed.

Can the Hair Transplant Damage the Hair Follicles?

When the hair transplant procedure is done correctly, it shouldn’t damage the hair follicles. If prolonged hair loss does occur, there a few common reasons. As mentioned, it could be the inexperience of the surgeon. Look for a surgeon with good results and experience. Trauma can also cause damage to the hair follicles. Follow your doctor’s instructions for post-treatment care to prevent complications. Hair follicle damage can also be a reaction to certain medications. Tell your surgeon about all medications you’re taking.

Talk to an Expert in San Jose Hair Restoration

A hair transplant can be stressful on your body, but the results are amazing when it’s done well by an experienced surgeon. If you have permanent hair loss, you may be a candidate for hair transplant surgery to restore your confidence to feel better about yourself. If you’ve got questions about bald treatment in San Jose, make an appointment with Dr. Diep to get answers from an experienced professional.