San Jose FUE Hair Transplant Worth The Money

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Wondering if Hair Restoration is for You?

Many potential patients who receive consultations for hairline in San Francisco have a simple question: Do hair transplants really work? That’s understandable: As with any medical procedure, it’s completely natural to wonder about the effectiveness of hair transplants. If you’re curious about whether or not this type of procedure works, just keep reading for information that sheds light on the topic.

How Hair Transplants Work

Over the decades, hair transplant procedures have evolved in both technique and effectiveness. Today, procedures like FUE hair restoration in San Jose are the gold standard. The acronym FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which in turn refers to how the procedure works. As explained on Healthline, in a typical FUE procedure, the surgeon moves follicles from one part of the head—often the back—to the target area(s) where thicker hair is desired. (Note that FUE procedures can also be performed on parts of the body, but the scalp is the most common location.)

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the FUE procedure was developed to address the downsides of its predecessor, a procedure known as FUT (follicular unit transplant). Compared to FUE, for instance, FUT procedures tend to have a more involved recovery process and more prominent scarring.

The Effectiveness

FUE is a popular San Jose hair restoration procedure for a reason: It works. Healthline reports that hair begins to grow in the target area(s) within three to four months. Additionally, it looks quite natural, as opposed to the FUT technique, which often results in an unnatural, hair-plug-like appearance.

Who Can Benefit

Individuals with ample healthy hair to transplant are particularly good candidates for FUE treatment, so it’s important to not let hair loss progress to an extremely advanced stage. Also keep in mind that the procedure isn’t just a San Jose men’s hair loss treatment. Patients with both male and female pattern baldness can benefit from FUE, as can individuals who are unhappy with their hairline. It can also be used to improve the appearance of old plugs, reshape beards, and enhance eyebrows, among other applications.

Want to Learn More About Hair Restoration in San Jose?

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