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Early Hair Loss: Fact vs. Fiction

Male pattern baldness is a common issue that tends to affect more than half of all men during their lives. The causes of this particular condition vary from one person to the next; however, in most cases, genetics are usually involved.

Debunking Hair Loss Myths

Genetics’ effect on male baldness
There is a common myth that baldness only derives from the maternal side of the family. That is, if your mother’s father is bald, there is a likely chance that you could be too. This is false, however, since the same can still apply even on your dad’s side. As a result, you should think about male relatives from both sides of your family. In cases where most of them are bald, then you will also stand a significant chance of experiencing the same.

Other ways of identifying male pattern baldness: Fiction vs. Fact


  1. Discovering a large amount of hair on your comb after a routine brushing

A significant number of people associate hair loss with male pattern baldness, when in reality it is completely natural and healthy to see up to 100 hairs lost each day.

  1. Finding hair hands on your pillow when you wake up in the morning

Once again, shedding is quite normal. So, the question is usually not so much whether you are losing hair, but rather if it is being replaced.

  1. Losing clumps of hair

Losing clumps of hair at once is inconsistent with male pattern baldness. However, it could be a sign of another condition and therefore, should be professionally assessed.


  1. Gradual recession of hair in the forehead region

Everyone that experiences male pattern baldness usually does so in similar ways. A good indication of the condition involves hair that is moving away from the forehead region in the pattern of an “M”. This is known as a receding hairline.

  1. Loss of hair at the crown

Another common indicator of male pattern baldness involves a loss of hair at the crown of the head. This can lead to a distinctive horseshoe pattern of hair remaining on the back and sides of the head.

  1. Gradually thinning hair

As opposed to looking in the mirror, hair thinning is usually easier to spot, especially in photos. If you happen to notice your hairline becoming less prominent and your scalp more visible, it could be an indication that your hair follicles are in indeed shrinking. This is a common lead-in to hair thinning.

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