Why Ethnic Hair Transplants Require Specialized Restoration Techniques

If you have hair loss and are considering hair restoration, searching for a surgeon that specializes in your ethnicity’s hair type plays a significant role in the surgical approach that will be taken. Ethnic hair transplants vary from other hair transplants and require specialized restoration techniques that only a seasoned and experienced hair transplant doctor can provide.

African-American Hair Transplantsbefore san jose african american hair transplant

The texture of your hair plays a role in the coverage that transplanted hair can provide; curly or coarse hair can occupy more area of the scalp, giving the impression of a fuller head of hair.

Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic has perfected this African American hair transplant technique. Although there are many similarities to other ethnic groups when restoring this type of hair, this curly and coarse hair type presents many challenges and differences. These 7 differences are listed here

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Indian Hair Transplants

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Chances are that if you’re of Indian heritage or lineage, you will have dark, thick hair that’s typically straight. Hair restoration surgery can offer very favorable results for clients with Indian hair, though you may want to be on a diet that encourages and improves blood coagulation as the traditional Indian diet is full of foods that thin the blood, which can be problematic and induce bleeding during any type of surgery. Consult with your Bay Area hair transplant doctor for more nutritional information leading up to your hair restoration procedure.

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Asian Hair Transplants

before FUE hair transplant san joseAsian hair follicles can be tricky to transplant and it’s important that an experienced surgeon is chosen for the procedure. It’s important that the follicles are precisely transplanted to ensure a straight hairline for those clients, primarily men, that prefer this angular style near the temples. Individuals of Asian ethnicity generally have thick and coarse hair which contributes to better coverage and a fuller appearance.

after FUE Hair Restoration at mhta clinic

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One type of hair restoration does not suit all heads of hair; depending on your ethnicity, you’ll want to find a hair transplant doctor with experience and expertise with restoring your type of hair. Consult with Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic in San Francisco or Los Gatos to learn more! Contact us today via our online contact form here or by phone at 1 (866) 999-6482.