Superciliary Madarosis and Hair Restoration for Eyebrows

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Options to Improve Thinning or Loss of Eyebrow Hairs

Beginning in your late 30s, you may notice that your eyebrows are getting thinner. This problem, which is known as Superciliary Madarosis, occurs in many people, and it may begin long before your hair turns gray. Fortunately, treatments for this condition do exist, ranging from cosmetic solutions like eyebrow pencils or tattoos, to more permanent solutions like eyebrow enhancements and hair restoration surgery. Below is some basic information about the treatment options available to people who suffer from Superciliary Madarosis.

1. Cosmetic fixes
Some people are able to deal with the loss or thinning of hair by simply penciling in the eyebrows. Others may choose eyebrow tattoos. However, neither of these treatment methods will replace the lost hair or provide a completely natural appearance.

2. Eyebrow enhancements
If you aren’t happy with the results of cosmetic treatment, you can use prescriptive drugs in an attempt to regrow eyebrow hair. These medications may or may not be effective, however, and more clinical trials are needed to determine their safety and efficacy in patient groups.

3. FUE Hair Transplant
Perhaps the most promising – and natural appearing – treatment method for eyebrow loss is surgical eyebrow restoration. If you choose this treatment, an FUE doctor will graft new hair into the eyebrows under local anesthetic. In most cases, the hair used comes from the back of your scalp. Hair will continue to grow in the area and must be trimmed regularly.

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