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Thinning Eyebrows Causes and Treatments

Are You Considering Eyebrow Enhancements in San Francisco?

Thicker eyebrows are trending right now, and many are using eyebrow enhancements to solve the problem of thin brows. There are some simple, health-related reasons for your eyebrows to become thinner, but also some serious, permanent reasons for brows to wane. Consider different eyebrow enhancements in San Francisco, including transplants and hair restoration in San Jose, when you want thicker brows.

Thin Brows

As you age, you may experience thin brows; the causes range and could be related to thyroid or hormones. Some women who have just had babies may experience thinning of the eyebrows, too. If you have eczema, the flaking and inflammation around the eyebrow may cause hair loss. In this instance, a dermatologist may help.

Whatever the cause, you have options; consider eyebrow enhancements in San Francisco and talk to a hair restoration doctor right away.

Simple Solutions

For others the cause may be their own doing: overgrooming. When you overgroom, you could be permanently thinning your brows. This includes too much tweezing and waxing, which can cause trauma to the hair follicles, gradually killing them.

If you have low-iron or anemia, you may also notice thinner eyebrows. Take supplements or see your doctor to learn more. Changes in diet may improve thin brows in some sufferers.

Brow Transplants

So, what do you do if you have permanently damaged your eyebrows? Consider brow transplants; brow transplants make sense for those individuals that have permanently harmed the hair follicle and who want a natural looking brow. After hair transplantation has occurred, it will take up to a year in most instances for the natural eyebrow hair to fill in and grow. While this is not an overnight solution, it is a long lasting and aesthetically appealing option.

Other Options

Talk to your hair transplantation specialist to learn more about eyebrow transplants. This is a precise procedure that involves hair grafting by an experienced surgeon.

It makes sense to consult with a specialist to learn more about your options for thinning brows. It could be that something as simple as a dietary supplement or lifestyle change can improve the condition of your eyebrows. In other cases, it may become necessary to talk with a hair restoration San Jose expert about brow transplants and other permanent solutions.

Are You Ready to Talk to an Expert in Hair Restoration in San Jose?

When you are ready to learn more about your hair restoration options, MHTA Clinic is here to help. Talk with their board-certified surgeons about brow transplants, and other eyebrow enhancement San Francisco procedures, today.