The Growing Demand for Eyebrow Enhancements

Eyebrow Enhancements are a Growing Trend in the Bay Area

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The number of people seeking eyebrow enhancements and hair restoration treatments is on the rise, as new technology has helped make these procedures appear strikingly natural. Eyebrows and hair shape the face and give each of us our own, unique look. Eyebrows also help sharpen other features in the face.

The incredible demand for facial hair treatments has boosted hair transplant technology. Redrawing eyebrows and supplementing the work with makeup can be a huge time commitment every morning. Coloring and regrowth products exist for purchase, but the FDA hasn’t approved any of these products as safe. Often, these products make unfulfilled claims and result in a tacky or flat look.

Modern technology provides solutions. Doctors can now transplant hair follicles from the back of the head and apply them to the eyebrows, where they will grow back again and again. Transplants are not plugs; they look natural and full.

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There are two main methods for transplanting hair. One method involves a process known as strip harvesting; the other is called FUE (follicular unit of extraction). Strip harvesting involves slicing a line of skin with the hair follicles. FUE harvests a single hair at a time. FUE is more time consuming and more expensive, but the results are more accurate and look better.

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If you want the best eyebrow enhancement possible, ask your doctor to do single hair transplants only. By transferring one hair at a time, your eyebrows won’t grow in clumps; instead, they will look natural. If you’re considering saving time and enhancing your personal aesthetic by investing in eyebrow enhancements, call our reputable FUE doctor, Dr. Diep, today at (408) 356-8600 (Los Gatos Hair Clinic) or (415) 230-2367 (San Francisco Hair Clinic) to schedule a consultation.