Why FUE Hair Trans Plant what is

What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)? And Why is it Right for You?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is kind of hair transplant procedure that harvests hair grafts from the donor site to the balding area located on the face or scalp. FUE is performed using a 0.8 to 1mm punch instrument. As opposed to cutting a strip of hair from the scalp, the hair is extracted one by one using the rather small punch. This surgical tool is placed in the skin around the upper region of the follicular unit, creating a small circular incision in order for the hair grafts to be extracted directly from the scalp. An FUE surgical hair plant procedure does not leave a linear scar. However, you will be left with a tiny circular scar, roughly the size of 0.8 to 1mm scattered in the donor area.

Over the years, Follicular Unit Extraction has become so advanced that surgeons are now capable of making a shallow punch on the surrounding tissue, allowing the grafts to let go with minimal traction. The grafts are then implanted into tiny slits which have been created in the recipient scalp region. These slits do not need any form of suturing and are normally left to heal on their own.

Why is FUE it Right for You?

FUE is ideal and rather advantageous for the following kind of patients:

  • Patients who would prefer to wear their hair short
  • Patients who unfortunately healed poorly after undergoing conventional hair strip harvesting
  • Patients who have undergone various hair transplant procedures in the past
  • Patients who would prefer not to have linear scars in the donor region

Each patient is different and tends to respond to the extraction and removal of follicular units from the scalp in unique ways. Some may experience a negative response such as damaged hair follicles, while others may have a lesser transaction rate. A person’s hair type can also have an effect on the process. For instance, straight hair is usually much easier to extract than curly hair.

With FUE, a patient’s recovery process is less painful and much faster. In most cases, the grafts become completely secure in about 7 days after the surgery and wounds in the donor area usually heal within a week or two. You might experience some discomfort, but patients generally resume normal activity a week or two after the procedure.

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