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Food That Can Contribute to Hair Loss

Avoiding These Foods Can Help with Hair Loss

While genetic factors are the predominant cause of hair loss, other factors can play a role too. Those include stress, certain medical treatments, and, surprisingly, some types of food. Many people interested in San Francisco hair transplant procedures may be intrigued to learn about the following, potentially hair-harming foods, plus one problematic eating pattern.

Sugary Drinks

Sugar-filled drinks can be bad for your health in a number of ways. One is that they can eventually contribute to insulin resistance, a condition that causes excessive levels of blood sugar. Along with myriad other issues, insulin resistance has been linked to balding in men.

Looking for a replacement for sugar-filled sodas? Everyday Health has put together a list of 11 such alternatives, including tea and sparkling water.

Sugar-Filled Cereals

Like certain drinks, cereals can also act as sugar bombs, spiking blood sugar levels in a similar manner. Cereal lovers needn’t fear, though: There are many low-sugar or sugar-free options out there. Healthline’s list of 10 options is a good place to start looking if you’re curious.

Greasy Meals

Too much grease can lead to greasy skin. That, in turn, can clog pores and shrink hair follicles, trapping hair-inhibiting hormones such as DHT. Certain shampoos can fight grease, but you can also reduce it in the first place by prioritizing healthy fats instead of overly greasy foods in your diet. And if you’re already losing hair, a healthy diet can combine with certain medications and procedures like San Francisco hairline surgery to help protect your hair.

Crash Diets

While some foods can inhibit hair growth, a lack of food can, too. According to WebMD, dropping your calorie intake below a certain level can cause deficiencies in “protein, fatty acids, and zinc.” Such a lack of nutrients may lead to the condition known as telogen effluvium, which involves a paucity of production from some of the hair follicles, in turn causing diffusion of the hair.

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