Beard Hair Transplants: Amazing New Trend

Facial Hair Restoration Treatment for Men

Beards have been a hallmark of “maleness” for millennia. They distinguish the appearance, and they can be customized to reflect unique personal aesthetics. If you live in a harsh climate, they can also provide much needed warmth and protection from the elements.


Before and After Beard/Facial Hair Transplant ©2014 MHTA Clinic

It’s the genetic luck of the draw: some men just enjoy fuller and faster-growing beards than others. Until recently, men who struggled to grow facial hair just had to get used to it and adjust their personal aesthetics accordingly. They’ve had little recourse. Fortunately, amazing new technology has made it possible to get a beard transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, hair restoration has long been one of the most popular men’s hair loss options. After enjoying great success treating bald or patchy spots on the head, doctors have begun to offer FUE hair transplants for facial hair as well.

Here’s how it works… Doctors transplant hair follicles, or grafts, from separate areas of the body to the beard area. After recovery, the hair transplanted will grow permanently. Once the hair grows out, it can be shaved and will re-grow just like a natural beard.

Beard transplants still represent a small percentage of services provided by hair restoration practitioners. But certain populations are demanding this service more and more. Particularly in highly populated areas (like the Bay Area and San Jose), where professional appearances are important and consumers adhere more closely to trends, doctors expect to see a big spike in use of FUE facial hair restoration for beard enhancement.

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