What Is a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

San Francisco Hair Transplant Doctor Explains FUE Hair Implant Surgery


Before FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

You may have heard a little bit about FUE hair restoration when reading about hair loss solutions. Follicular unit extraction, also known as an FUE, is a hair follicle transplant process. Healthy follicles are grafted, one-by-one, onto areas of the head that are balding.

The FUE technique has a lot in common with the traditional hair transplant processes, but it boasts several appealing advantages. First, most men considered FUE to be less painful. Second, it generates very natural results. Plus, the surgical downtime is very low.

In more aggressive types of transplants, such as strip harvesting, the surgeon will remove large sections of skin and hair from one area and dissect individual hair follicles, transplanting them individually to the recipient site. The “one-by-one approach” of FUE is far less traumatizing.

Here’s another cool advantage: the hairs taken will not respond to the effects of the “male pattern baldness” hormone, DHT. That means that the transplanted hairs should remain effectively permanently in their new position.

fue hair transplant after

After FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

The FUE process takes a full day — generally about 8 hours or so — and approximately 90% of the transplanted follicles succeed. Some attrition happens naturally, so you will lose about 10% of the new follicles. That’s not at all a bad attrition rate.

Patients describe the hair transplant procedure as not painful, although it is lengthy since the doctor extracts one hair follicle at a time. It is also a very delicate procedure, since incorrect methods of harvesting hair follicles can cause damage to the grafts. Downtime is about 2 weeks. Not bad for patients reporting improved morale and self esteem!

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