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Do FUE Hair Transplants Look Natural?

San Jose Hair Restoration Q&A

If you are looking for a hair loss solution, a FUE hair transplant could be right for you. But do the results look natural? Talk to a San Jose hair restoration doctor to find out how to turn back time and leave your natural hair looking like it did before you experienced thinning. and how the process leaves your natural hair looking like it did before it started thinning.

Hair Restoration

Patients have a few options when it comes to hair restoration techniques and procedures, including FUE and FUT types of transplants. FUE- or Follicular Unit Extraction- is less invasive removing individual follicles and creates a natural looking head of hair. FUT- or Follicular Unit Transplantation- uses grafts of hair, instead.

A common question among those considering a hair transplant in San Jose is whether the hair will look natural after the procedure. The answer is yes, your newly grown hair will look natural if your hair restoration doctor positions your new follicles properly, as well as the angle and direction of the transplanted hair.

Hair Transplantation Scars

One of patients’ biggest concerns is about scarring; do hair transplants leave scars? When hair follicles are removed for FUT transplantation, there could be some small scars on the follicle harvesting sites, which are the densest areas of the hair. If you shaved your head bald, you could notice some faint lines where the hair follicles were taken. However, this is not the case with FUE methods of hair restoration.

Technology is used during FUE procedures so you will not see or notice any remaining sign or scar of the transplant. The needles used during FUE are miniscule, so tiny that you do not see scarring. Since the needle used is so very fine, the site closes up immediately after, leaving no scar behind and cutting down on recovery time considerably.

Follow your hair transplantation doctor’s recommendations following your surgery to ensure best results.

Hair Transplant in San Jose

Think that a FUE hair restoration solution is for you? Talk to Dr. Diep at MHTA Clinic, a San Francisco hair transplant doctor, regarding the best approach for your hair today.