FUE versus FUT Hair Transplant Surgery

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After FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

For many people, a full head of hair represents youth and attractiveness. Those experiencing hair loss seek the most effective and technologically advanced restorative procedures to help them regain what they have lost.

Two of the most popular men’s hair loss options are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). These corrective surgical options have many aspects in common, including outpatient procedures and use of local anesthesia. 

However, FUE and FUT also present differences that patients should be aware before choosing a procedure. These contrasts include:

  • Harvesting processes. While FUE is less invasive than FUT, it is not a “non-invasive” procedure. In FUE hair restoration, the practitioner creates a series of “micro-punches” in the patient’s donor area, effectively harvesting individual follicles. The follicles are then transplanted into the affected area. 

Before FUE Hair Transplant Surgery ©2014 MHTA

In FUT, a strip of hair graft will be removed from the donor area. The hair graft will be dissected into individual hair follicles, then transferred to the recipient site. 

  • Level of comfort. Although neither procedure presents significant discomfort for most patients, FUE is less invasive than FUT, which may impose “mild to moderate” pain.
  • Scarring in donor area. Due to the small harvest areas in FUE, it rarely looks as if surgery took place. However, FUT leaves behind narrow, linear scars that may become visible when patients shave their heads. However, considering the goal of hair transplant surgery, this rarely occurs.

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