Hair Loss Causes: Ethnicity, Gender, and Age

Considering Individual Differences in Men Hair Loss Treatments

Ethnicity and Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair loss affects people of all ethnicities, ages and genders. Surprisingly, these characteristics can all play a role in the way hair loss develops, and they also can have profound implications for bald treatment options. Let’s unpack these factors one by one.


For most people, hair loss worsens with age. Although most people with this condition are middle-aged, significant loss can begin before the age of 30 and much sooner in some individuals. Men tend to lose more hair than women as they age, but follicular development changes for both genders over time.

Gender Differences

As we just noted, both men and women lose hair as they age. However, men tend to lose hair from the front of the head, whereas women experience hair thinning and loss on the top of the head. Complete baldness occurs more often in men than women. In addition, because men’s hair loss treatment affects hormones, many of the treatments recommended for men aren’t appropriate for women.


All ethnicities of men tend to experience a receding hairline. However, some ethnicities may have a central lock of hair that survives, while others simply retain hair toward the sides of the scalp longer than others.

The coarseness of hair and the shape of the follicles also differ by ethnicity. For example, because the hair follicles of African Americans curve more than they do for men of other ethnicities, African American hair transplant surgeons must use specialized techniques when harvesting donor hairs. Likewise, both African Americans and people of Asian descent are more likely to develop keloid scars.

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