New Hair Growth after Hairline Surgery


Any time you undergo a major physical transformation, such as getting a hair transplant, you need to know what to expect throughout the entire process. Knowledge is power, after all. This article will provide a thumbnail sketch of how, when and where you will likely regrow hair after a surgery as well as what to expect, post-op, in general.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a FUE Hair Transplant

First of all, you may need to take painkillers and/or antibiotics for a few days after your surgery, and you will probably need to take two to five days off of work.

Around two weeks to three months after your operation, you will probably start shedding hair in a process called “shock loss.” This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s a totally normal part of the healing and hair restoration process and, for most people, it is only temporary. Within a few months you will start to see new hair growth, and this will be an exciting time.

Around six to nine months after your bald treatment operation, you should be seeing even more new hair growth. Most people see 60% of their total new growth during this period.

These are general guidelines for what you can expect, but everyone is a unique individual and heals in his or her own way. The type of surgery you get, the quality of your medical care during and after the procedure, your genetics and many other factors can be at play. Your doctor will be there to guide you through the process as it unfolds.

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