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Hair Loss FAQ’s To Know

Frequently asked Hair Loss Questions and Answers

What does male pattern baldness mean?

Male pattern baldness can be defined as a hereditary balding pattern that is defined by a recession of hair in the temporal peaks. This is combined with with thinning in the crown that usually starts to appear when one is in their twenties.

What causes it?

Hair loss is typically hereditary in both men and women. The hair loss gene is usually passed on from one or both parents. However, men tend to be more susceptible to hereditary hair loss due to the higher testosterone levels in their bodies.

Some other reasons for hair loss could be an underlying medical condition, hormonal disorders, medications, chemotherapy, radiation, or weight loss. In addition, traumatic injuries, burns to the scalp, or scarring scalp disorders can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Can certain hairstyles lead to hair loss?

Certain hairstyles, particularly those that require excessive tightening like braids, hair extensions, and rigid ponytails can place a significant amount of tension on the scalp leading to a hair loss condition referred to as traction alopecia. Also, there are those who are more prone to this kind of hair loss; for instance, those who have sensitive hair follicles that can be easily affected.

How is the cause of hair loss determined?

In most cases, a dermatologist can assist in identifying the cause of your hair loss. However, in this respect, you should keep in mind that the single most important element when trying to establish the cause of your hair loss condition is the experience level of your doctor. In a typical case, he or she will proceed by first asking a series of questions in order to get a better understanding of the situation. If the cause of your hair loss still remains unclear, they may order tests, some of which may include hair shed collection, hair pull tests, blood tests, or a scalp biopsy.

Just starting to go bald, how much hair should I expect to lose?

The truth is that no one can accurately or definitively predict how much hair one will lose, even if they conduct a careful study of your family tree. This is because the expression of one’s genetic makeup is erratic, so any forecast would be nothing more than an educated guess. However, in most cases, the earlier you start to notice baldness (early twenties) the more your hair loss will be.

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