Top 5 Baldness Myths: What’s True About Hair Loss?

FUE Doctor in San Francisco Debunks Common Hair Loss Myths 

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You hate to admit it, but your insidious hair loss is flustering you. It’s started to affect the overall thickness of your hair or maybe even your overall appearance. Even if you’re not especially concerned for vanity’s sake, you still should take time to consider the possible underlying cause as well as to parse hair loss treatment or treatments that may be right for you.

As you research, be aware of these common but devastating hair loss myths:

  1. Hair loss is always permanent. Changes within our bodies can cause temporary hair loss. Correcting the underlying problem can reverse the process, in some case. And even when underlying problems cause permanent hair loss, a hair transplant may be the right answer, aesthetically.

  2. Genetic hair loss passes down on mother’s side. While many hair loss cases are genetic in nature, you can suffer hair loss due to genes handed down by both parents. Also, you need to consider the roles of things like environment, diet and stress. Don’t just blame your mom!

  3. Hats and certain hair products can cause balding. Bleach and other harsh chemicals can cause hair breakage, but even these products rarely, if ever, cause actual baldness. Hats would have to be worn incredibly tightly for long periods of time to ever cause any hair loss.

  4. Shaving will make hair grow back thicker. This one is utterly false. Neither body nor head hair grow back thicker after you shave.

  5. Only old people go bald. While some older people may experience balding as a natural part of the aging process, there can be many other reasons for hair loss. Young people can suffer from male pattern baldness, for instance, and other medical reasons for hair loss abound. Fortunately, bald treatments, like transplants and surgeries, can help you manage hair loss over time.

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