2 Great Ways to Fight Hair Loss

The Current State of Science Regarding Men Hair Loss Treatment.

A men’s hair loss treatment doctor with offices in San Francisco and San Jose brings us up to date with latest in men hair loss treatments.

If you came of age in the 1980s and 1990s, you no doubt remember Sy Sperling and his “Hair Club® for Men” commercials. You also likely remember disturbing hair treatment products like spray on hair and other ridiculous (and possibly unsafe) treatments. But the exciting reality is that researchers and medical doctors have made astonishing progress in hair loss treatment.

Here are two effective men hair loss treatment techniques available from MHTA Clinic.

1) FUE Hair Restoration

This type of hair transplant, known as Follicular Unit Extraction, follows a procedure in which a doctor harvests and grafts hairs one at a time (either manually or automatically). It boasts excellent re-growth rates (80% or higher), little discomfort, and substantial long-term hair loss treatment successes.

2) Propecia and other drugs taken over-the-counter for men hair loss treatment. These are available in San Jose and San Francisco, but use caution…

Propecia (a.k.a. finasteride) has been shown in studies to arrest men hair loss and even stimulate re-growth in a substantial number of people who take the drug. There can be some side effects, so you want to talk to your physician. Pharmaceutical companies are working on developing other drugs; a medicinal hair loss care could lead to huge financial windfalls for any company that successfully developed and marketed it.

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