FUE hair transplant San Francisco

Do Hair Transplants Really Work?

Are You Wondering about Hair Transplants?

Although people with hair loss are sometimes told be happy with what Mother Nature gave them, this sometimes comes across as bad advice, especially when there are now so many options to provide quality hair restoration in San Francisco and San Jose.

Certainly, in the past, there weren’t all that many good choices for transplants for male or female hair loss. Some were considered risky and not all of them looked good in the end. Plus some of the treatments came with unpleasant side effects like pain and permanent scarring.

There are Many Options Today for Hair Transplants

Today, however those seeking natural hair restoration in San Jose or surrounding areas can benefit from a unique FUE hair transplant method created by Dr. John Diep from the Medical Hair Transplant and Aesthetics, or MHTA. Dr. Diep is considered a pioneer in techniques, procedures and tools for FUE hair transplant in San Francisco. He’s also a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and selected by Newsweek magazine as one of the country’s best hair loss doctors.

What is FUE?

FUE is the term for Follicular Unit Extraction. Typically it’s where hair shafts are harvested from different parts of someone’s head, considered the ‘safe’ area where there’s plenty of hair. Each strand is then placed in the areas where the hairline has receded or is gone altogether. Once they take root they’ll begin to grow and fill in the area that was previously balding.

What is FUT?

Another method is FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. This involves cutting strips containing follicles from the back and side of someone’s head and placing them on the balding areas. This procedure, while less expensive than FUE, can lead to scarring from the removed areas.

Other Options

Dr. Diep is able to perform both types of procedures, but he’s also developed his own method called the DiepFUE Curve. It’s an advanced and efficient procedure that is also minimally invasive. Plus it also works on all types of hair and hair roots, including curly, wavy and straight.

His specialized process uses a special tool that he developed called the Diep Extractor that is able to harvest one hair follicle at a time. This creates a natural hairline pattern of small dots along the back and side of the head. These dots are difficult to notice and will also provide as many as 2,500 quality follicles to be introduced into the balding area.

After a short period of recovery, people will be able to wear their hair short. They will also enjoy when the transplanted follicles begin growing.

Dr. Diep’s procedures can also include lowering hair lines, restoring eyebrows, goatees, sideburns and more.

MHTA attracts patients from around the world seeking hair transplants in San Francisco. The procedure also works for people in different ethnic groups who may have different types of hair and hair follicles.

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