How Many Hair Transplants Will I Need?

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Our FUE Doctor Offers Some Perspective

The choice to opt for hairline surgery is a highly personal one, and you want to minimize the amount of downtime and uncertainty associated with the procedure. How many transplants will you need? What’s the likelihood of success? How much will the process cost you, not only in terms of cash investment but also in terms of time off work and recovery time? The answers depend on your needs, your hair history (including any past surgeries done) and other factors.
In general, the first hair loss treatment session will be designed to add density to your hair, provide coverage to balding areas and establish a permanent frame for the face. Depending on the quality of the procedure and your desired aesthetic end goals, you may be satisfied with the results of your initial transplant, and you won’t need to return for further treatment.

However, hair transplant is not a foolproof bald treatment option. Some patients may feel that their hair still lacks density. Alternatively, you may lose more hair after the first transplant is complete. In such cases, a second or third transplant may be necessary.

Keep in mind that, if you choose to undergo a subsequent hair transplant, you will need to wait at least 10 months from the last transplant before scheduling the procedure, in order to allow the transplanted hair to grow and reach styling length, so that your doctor can place the additional grafts in the best possible locations.

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