Hair transplant facts vs fiction

Hair Transplants: Fiction vs Fact

Hair loss is a change that people find hard to deal with. However, gone are the days when hair loss is irreversible. Presently, hair transplants are the most effective approach to treating hair loss. There are many options for hair transplant. Also, today’s advanced technology has now enabled surgeons to rectify cases of scarring and balding that was usually associated with past poor hair transplant procedures. But before you get on the phone to book a consultation, there are a few myths that we need to debunk.

Debunking Hair Transplant Myths

Myth 1: You need to get a hair transplant when you are still young

FUE procedures are fairly new in the industry. It involves the extraction of donor hair follicles, preferably from the back of the neck, by a highly experienced donor. There are several myths associated with the FUE procedure. One of the myths is the belief that people should only have hair transplants when they are fairly young. However, the fact is that it is actually better to have the procedure when you are slightly older. Hair loss trends are unpredictable in young patients, therefore, having the FUE procedure at a young age is not advisable.

Myth 2: You will have obvious results the next day

Hair transplants need time to grow, just like regular hair. It can take an entire year for the process to complete. So don’t expect that you will wake up in the morning to find your hair has grown. However, in due time, your new hair will grow, blending perfectly with your natural hair. At the MHT clinic, our team of experts conducts the FUE procedure carefully so that every hair graft is aligned to your natural hair pattern.

Myth 3: Only Men need a hair transplant

Although most hair loss cases occur for men, FUE treatment is also viable for women’s hair loss. Approximately, 56 million men and women experience hair loss.

Myth 4: Linear Scarring from the Donor Area

This is false. The fact is, the FUE technique uses advanced dissection techniques to produce hair grafts from a narrow section of the scalp. Thanks to advanced technology, doctors are able to leave a scar line that is virtually undetectable. The hair will be able to grow through the scar line, resulting in a virtually undetected scar. For those who cannot stand even the faintest scarring, our FUE extraction techniques that include the NeoGraft® device serve to remove the hair follicles one by one, leaving you without any scar.

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