3 Hair Washing Mistakes to Avoid

Connection Between Shampoo and Hair Loss

The way that you care for and wash your hair has much to do with its texture, hydration, and even color! Many people do not realize that the way they wash their hair could be causing it damage. In fact, there are some very common hair washing habits that are doing your hair no favors at all. With some simple modifications to your regular hair routine, you could notice a significant difference in the appearance and feeling of your hair. Do you make these hair washing mistakes? Here are three common mistakes to avoid:

How Often you Shampoo

How often do you shampoo your hair? If you go too long without washing your hair, you risk a build-up of oils and bacteria that puts your lustrous hair at-risk. However, shampooing your hair too often can be drying, stripping hair of natural oils needed for it to be shiny and healthy. This drying effect could also contribute to split ends. The next time you visit your hairdresser or barber, ask them about the condition of your hair and scalp to determine if you could be washing your hair too often- or not often enough!

The Water Temperature

Avoid shampooing your hair in very hot water- you know, the same temperature that you might like for a hot shower or bath. Very-hot water is not good for your hair, and it could compromise the luster, shine, and color- particularly if your hair is dyed or color treated. Instead, try lowering the temperature of the water when you are ready to shampoo and give it a cool rinse after for optimal results. If you must have that super-hot shower, protect your locks with a shower cap.

The Products you Use

What are you using on your hair? If you want to avoid hair breakage and hair loss, use more conditioner when shampooing. This prevents that tangles that can result in hair being pulled out when brushing, combing, and styling. Over time, using conditioner will keep your hair healthier, too. Using conditioner regularly not only adds more luster to your hair but will also make it easier for you to comb it out. This reduces breakage- and could be a vital part of your own hair loss solution in the long run.

Talk to an Expert in Hair Restoration in Los Gatos

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