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Hairline Lowering 101: Facts About Hair Transplants

For some individuals, their hairlines tend to seem unattractive because of a relatively high structure. For others, their hairline has been receding due to age. In case you happen to fall into either of these groups, and long for some sort of improvement, you are not alone. In fact, the following are some of the questions about San Francisco hairline surgery posed by those who share the same problem as you:

Common questions and answers about hairline lowering procedures:

What is the number of procedures required for a hairline lowering transplant procedure?

In most cases, a standard hairline lowering procedure will require two sessions for it to be totally done. However, the amount of work involved tends to be a bit more than with other similar procedures because the surgeon has to correctly establish thickness and density.

Who makes for a good candidate?

In most cases, surgeons perform this kind of procedure on men who do not suffer from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, since it is a progressive condition. Also, a patient should be of relatively good health before the procedure in order to ensure they have smooth recovery process.

What is the difference between forehead reduction surgery and a hairline lowering transplant?

When it comes to a hairline lowering transplant procedure, the surgeon lessens the space that exists between the eyebrows and the base of the hairline. He or she then extracts donor hair grafts from the rear of the head and carefully implants them on the affected area in order to fill up the space and create an appropriate hairline in regards to the patients face.

In the case of forehead reduction surgery, the surgeon manipulates the skin on the forehead and pulls it downwards. Incisions are also done on specific areas in order to prevent the scar lines from becoming visible.

What is the cost of such a procedure?

In most cases, patients have to pay by the graft, which varies depending on the doctor. Also, the reputation and skill level of the surgeon in charge can have an effect on the price. Please contact our office directly for pricing inquiries.

Which costs less, a hairline lowering transplant or a forehead reduction?

Typically, a forehead reduction will cost less than a hairline transplant due to the skill, time, and effort required for the latter.

What is to be expected in terms of recovery and risks for both forehead reduction and hairline transplants?

When it comes to hair transplant, some of the risks include infection, hair graft popping, and bleeding; whereas for forehead reduction bleeding and infection are usually the problem, together with possible permanent numbness of the worked on area.

Recovery usually takes a few days for both, but there can be follow up appointments in case of any issues.

Hairline Surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area

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