Naturally High Hairline? Consider Hairline Surgery

Solutions For A High Hairline 

Man with High Hairline

For many men, a naturally high hairline causes the same embarrassment and frustration as hair thinning or loss. Fortunately, hair restoration can resolve this problem effectively.

How It Works

During hairline surgery, the surgeon removes small scalp grafts from a donor site and transplants them to the hairline. The surgeon uses grafts of different sizes and shapes to create a natural appearance. To prevent circulation problems in the scalp, surgeons typically place grafts one-eighth of an inch apart.

Following the grafting session, the surgeon will cleanse and bandage the scalp. Additional treatment sessions may be necessary to achieve the desired level of fullness.

Considerations Before You Opt for Surgery

Hairline surgery carries some risks, as do all hair transplant procedures. The process isn’t appropriate for everyone with a high hairline. Younger men who undergo hairline surgery, for instance, may experience additional problems – and require additional corrective procedures – if male pattern baldness develops later in life. In such cases, additional hair transplant surgery may be the best option.

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