Women’s Hair Loss: More Than Vanity

Los Gatos Hair RestorationThe Effects Hair Loss Has on Women

Almost 30 million American women experience hair thinning or loss each year. The myth that hair loss is simply an effect of menopause is just that, a myth. The truth is that most women begin to experience hair thinning and loss in their 20s and 30s. As the hair falls out, self-esteem drops with it.

As children, we braided our hair or wore it in pigtails. Later, we used our hair to express ourselves and to attract the cute boy next door. At any age, our hair is tightly bound to our self-esteem. We have “bad hair days” and “curling iron incidences” that has us wear hats to hide our embarrassment. But when it’s piled high on our heads for a special event, or falls in a glossy cap that frames our face, we feel beautiful and confident.

Female baldness changes everything.

We may try medications to regrow hair or wear wigs to cover our thinning scalps, but these strategies don’t change how we feel about ourselves. One of the best ways to restore our morale is a hair transplant procedure. The key to a successful hairline surgery is finding a surgeon who specializes in hair loss treatment and who understands the emotional damage caused by female baldness.

Don’t Suffer. We Have The Solution To Your Female Hair Loss.

Medical Hair Transplant & Aesthetics’ practice is dedicated to the treatment of hair loss in both men and women. We understand the psychological importance of hair, and we work with our patients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Our FUE doctors recognize the different causes of female hair loss, and we will develop a treatment plan to restore your hair and your self-esteem. Contact us today by calling (415) 230-2376 or (408) 356-8600 to schedule your initial evaluation.