Stress and Men’s Hair Loss: What’s the Connection?

A Bay Area FUE Doctor Explains the Correlation

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Physical and emotional stress can lead to chemical changes that disrupt normal growth patterns. Men’s hair loss treatment is often associated with stressful life situations. While the idea that stressing out will cause you to lose your hair sounds like an exaggerated stereotype, plenty of convincing, emerging science actually supports this point of view. Determining the cause of hair loss can be essential to the success of any treatment program.

Here are some ways in which stress can affect hair loss:

Anxiety or nerves can lead to bad habits, like hair pulling. Developing anxious habits – such as scratching at your scalp or constantly pulling at or twisting your hair — can affect your scalp’s health. The hairs you “tear out” won’t necessarily lead to baldness, but the agitation to the scalp and hair follicles itself may be problematic.

Trichotillomania. This psychological condition leads to compulsive hair pulling. The condition can arise from a number of mental health difficulties, ranging from stress to loneliness to boredom to serious psychological or nutritional disorders.

Hormones. Any prolonged stress will change the hormone levels in the body, particularly levels of the hormone cortisol. These levels are directly associated with hair growth and loss. Luckily, hair loss associated with hormones may not require hair restoration. The condition may disappear with proper stress management techniques.

Alopecia areata. Under duress, the immune system may target hair follicles, causing hair to fall out.

Telogen effluvium. High stress can also make hair follicles hibernate. Certain areas of the scalp may go bald due to this condition.

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Stress treatments can sometimes stop or even wind back related hair loss. However, if the hair loss deemed is permanent, a qualified FUE doctor may be able to suggest a variety of options to restore hair and to otherwise improve the aesthetics of the head and scalp. Call our offices today at (866) 999-6482 to schedule a consultation about your options.