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The Impact of Hair Loss on Men’s Self-esteem

Common Side Effects of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem: Roughly 80 million Americans are experiencing hereditary hair loss, and other factors may cause hair to fall out as well. Though hair loss is a widespread issue, that doesn’t make it any easier for many men to deal with psychologically. This post goes over the mental impacts hair loss can have, which help explain why many people seek San Jose men’s hair loss treatment.

What Hair Loss Does

Lots of men take their hair loss as a signal of the end of their youth and vitality. Unfortunately, societal expectations and ageism can fuel that even more, impacting men in the workplace and in their social and romantic lives.

Impacts in the Workplace

Because hair loss may make men appear older to others, the impact in the workplace can be severe. For instance, men who frequently conduct meetings or give presentations or speeches can find themselves rattled if they take their hair loss hard. Additionally, ageism in the workplace may cut off opportunities for otherwise qualified, energetic men.

Impacts on Social Life

Men who become distressed by their hair loss are sometimes vulnerable to social problems as well, which is yet another reason people seek San Jose men’s hair loss treatment. Insecurity can breed from a balding appearance, making it difficult for men to be as outgoing and social as they once were. In extreme cases, a retreating hairline leads to severe anxiety, which can cripple a man’s social life.

Trouble with Romance

The damage hair loss does to a man’s confidence also often seeps into the romantic side of his life. While certain bald men can pull off the look with confidence, others feel quite shaken, seeing it as a signal of a loss of desirability. And when a man feels less desirable, that often translates to a lack of confidence when interacting with a romantic partner.

Fighting Hair Loss

The good news is that for men experiencing hair loss, countermeasures are available. Medication-based treatments are one solution. Another potential source of help is a hair restoration procedure.

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