Scar Revision with FUE Hair Restoration

Hiding Scars with Corrective Hair Surgery

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Do you have large scar from previous hair transplant, burn, or accident? Does the scar in the back of your head bother you? Is the scar too large or too visible to shave your head? Do you want to shave your head close to the 1 level without having the scar visible? 

There are two techniques to reduce the scar visibility. The two techniques are Trichophytic incision and FUE (Follicular Unit of Extraction). The Trichophytic incision involves shaving one edge of the skin down to 0.5 to1 mm. The shaved edge gets tucked underneath the non-shaved edge slightly when suturing the two edges together during wound closure, angling the root slightly to allow hair to grow through the scar, making the scar smaller. However, there will always be an area of no hair on the linear scar.

The Cons of Trichophytic Incision:

  1. Can not place hair in the middle of the scar, always leading to an area of no hair on the scar.
  2. The risk of increasing the scar size as tension increases from multiple hair transplant.
  3. More painful during recovery when compared to FUE.
  4. Trichophytic is only effective to reduce scar size on small or narrow scars, not the large ones.
  5. Ingrown cyst or pimple can often occur, but they’re only temporary.
  6. More chance of bleeding,
  7. More chance of infection.
  8. More chance of numbness.
  9. More chance of further hair loss from tension.
  10. Rare necrosis can occur if too much tension.

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On the other hand, the FUE or Follicular Unit of Extraction is the most advance and best method to hide the scar. FUE can be used to extract hair above and below the scar and place them into the scar itself, leading to less scar visibility, allowing an individual to wear his or her hair shorter.

When compared to Trichophytic incision, FUE is more superior because:

  1. Hair can be transplanted onto the scar, covering the scar completely, creating better coverage than the Trichophytic incision which will always result in an area of no hair on the scar.
  2. Less invasive.
  3. Less painful.
  4. Less chance of infection.
  5. Less chance of bleeding.
  6. Less chance of numbness.
  7. No chance of worsening the scar size

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In scar revision, both Trichophytic incision and FUE can’t change the nature of your scar; its bumpiness, length and color. Nowadays, FUE corrective hair surgery is most frequently used to fix, shrink or hide scars. Dr. Diep has mastered the art of FUE and has invented his own instrument to perform FUE with greater efficiency. Dr. Diep specializes in FUE used as corrective hair surgery to fix scars. Today is the day to call our FUE hair restoration specialist at (408)356-8600 for a free consultation to hide the large, noticeable scar on the back of your head so you can wear your hair shorter without much visibility.

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