FUE hair transplant San Francisco

Reasons You Should Not Fear Hair Transplant Surgery

Considering Hair Transplant in San Francisco?

As is the case with other medical procedures, many people find the prospect of hair transplant in San Francisco a bit nerve wracking. They are often afraid of the pain and worry about healing times and scarring. There are several reasons not to fear this procedure, we take a look at those below.

Reason 1: Faster Healing

Hair loss treatment procedures have improved greatly over time, leading to several benefits. One of those is decreased recovery times in many instances. For example, follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a somewhat recent development. Because of the relatively fast healing time, FUE procedures have been cited by the researchers Aman Dua and Kapil Dua as ideal for individuals like athletes, who need to get back to a high level of activity quickly.

Patients can usually resume normal activities one to two weeks after a FUE procedure. And if you’re worried about stitches, you can rest easy knowing that “they will be generally be removed within 10 days.”

Reason 2: Less Scarring

Fear of scarring is another reason many people delay seeking women and men’s hair loss treatment in San Francisco. However, FUE leaves minimal scarring when compared to more primitive forms of treatment. For instance, individuals who plan to wear their hair short may find ideal results from FUE: In many cases, the scarring is so unobtrusive that it is very difficult to spot.

Reason 3: The Results are Natural 

Some individuals fear that a San Francisco hair transplant will leave them with unnatural-looking results. However, FUE provides natural-looking results that mimic each individual’s original hair.

The reason is simple. FUE techniques use hair from the patient, meaning the results are relatively seamless. In fact, within a time span of a few months, the hair in the recipient areas will begin growing naturally on its own.

Reason 4: Minimal Pain

Just as scarring is relatively minimal with FUE, so is pain. FUE transplants involve “very little pain” thanks to the use of anesthetics. Some discomfort may arise after a procedure, but this is usually minor, and pain medication can help alleviate it.

Are You Interested in FUE Hair Restoration in San Francisco?

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